First ignition of gas turbine held at 420 MW CCGT power unit under construction at Verkhnetagilskaya GRES
Power generation capacity of Gusinoozyorskaya TPP (GRES) increases by 30 MW
Power generation unit No. 1 at Gusinoozyorskaya TPP (GRES) (part of JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants) has been modernized ahead of schedule.

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JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants manages Russian power generation facilities of Inter RAO Group*.

JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants runs 17 large plants with 22 043 MW of power combined generation capacity.

We are focused on optimizing our asset management system, reducing administration expenses and investing in new power generation assets with careful investment cost control.

* Excluding power plants in Omsk Oblast, Tomsk Oblast and Bashkortostan.