Energy Policy

The Electric Power Plants business division (which includes LLC Inter RAO — Management of Electric Power Plants and JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants) is the largest power generation division of Inter RAO Group which is among the biggest consumers of energy resources in Russia. Its priorities include increase in energy efficiency and introduction of innovations related to energy assets management to ensure leadership among Russian power companies.

The management is aware of its responsibility for efficient use of energy resources and minimization of environmental impact in the process of electric power and heat generation. Thus, it determines the following key areas of its activity:

  • compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for the business division's operations, and requirements in terms of energy resource use, energy conservation and increase in energy efficiency with which the organization has agreed and undertaken to meet;
  • efficient use of energy resources;
  • development of operations in the sphere of energy conservation and increase in energy efficiency, and constant improvement of the energy management system;
  • ensuring innovative development of the business division;
  • ensuring information transparency in regard to the business division's operations related to energy conservation and increase in energy efficiency.

The above-mentioned activities of the business division are to be implemented by:

  • increasing knowledge of the employees related to energy conservation, energy efficiency and energy management;
  • optimizing operation of the existing equipment or its timely decommissioning;
  • building new, high-tech and cost-effective capacities;
  • determining optimum and effective technologies to impact generating equipment;
  • standardization and ensuring uniformity of business processes in repairs in power industry;
  • improving quality of servicing of the existing equipment;
  • optimizing utilization of power plants by redistributing the load to more cost-effective and reliable equipment;
  • ensuring upgrade and development of technologies.

To successfully carry out operations in the selected areas, the management of the business division intends to ensure the following:

  • availability of a sufficient amount of resources, including human, material, information and other resources which form infrastructure and industrial environment of the business division, necessary for operations related to energy conservation and increase in energy efficiency (including the energy management system);
  • ensuring that purchase of the most energy-efficient equipment is a priority;
  • providing incentives for employees to make them more interested in efficient use and conservation of energy resources and increase their engagement in the energy management system;
  • regular activities related to promoting energy efficiency and conservation of resources.

The management of the business division undertakes to act in accordance with the priorities and within selected areas, and to meet the obligations set out in this Energy Policy.