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Perm SDPP has increased its installed capacity by 102 MW

At Perm SDPP, part of JSC Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants, the re-certification of the installed capacity of all four power units has been completed, resulting in the total capacity increase by 3.1%, or by 3363 MW. Thus, the aggregate installed electric capacity of all power plants owned by "Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants" has amounted to 22331.85 MW.

The testing program included a functional check of equipment as well as automatic control systems in continuous operation during 72 hours with a maximum load and during 8 hours with a minimum load. The test results proved that the hardware is capable of carrying a higher rated load than that provided by the project without the threat of technological failures. As a result, the capacity of each of the steam-power units of the first line has increased from 800 to 820 MW, and the power of unit No. 4, based on steam-gas plants, grew from 861 to 903 MW.

“Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants systematically implements the strategy of increasing the production and financial efficiency,” said General Director of LLC Inter RAO – Management of Electric Power Plants Timur LIPATOV. “The capacity increase by 102 MW at Perm SDPP is the largest one-time re-certification within the same power system object of our company and another step towards improving the power supply reliability for the consumers in the region, as well as promoting sustainable development of the Perm region economy. The power plant has strengthened its positions in the Russian power system and climbed from the fifth to the fourth place on the rating of the most powerful thermal power plants in Russia.”

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Perm SDPP is the largest producer of electricity in Perm region and the fourth most powerful thermal power plant in Russia. It is located in the city of Dobryanka in Perm region. Its installed capacity amounts to 3363 MW (3 steam-power units for 820 MW and a steam-gas one with a capacity of 903 MW). The first unit was put into operation in 1986, the second one in 1987, the third one in 1990, and the fourth one in August 2017. A primary and back-up fuel is natural gas.

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JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants is a fully owned subsidiary of PAO Inter RAO. Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants operates 18 major Russian thermal power plants with the total installed power generation capacity of 21.4 GW. The sole executive authority of JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants is LLC Inter RAO — Management of Electric Power Plants..

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Inter RAO Group is a diversified energy holding serving various segments of Russian and international electric power industry. The Group is the leading exporter and importer of electricity in Russia actively increasing electricity generation and sales, and developing new lines of business. The corporate strategy of Inter RAO is focused on making Inter RAO a global energy enterprise, a key player in the global energy market, and the leading Russian energy company by energy efficiency. Inter RAO Group owns and operates approximately 32.5 GW of installed power generation capacity.