Gusinoozyorskaya Thermal Power Plant

Location: Gusinoozyorsk, Republic of Buryatia
Installed power generation capacity: 1 190 MW
Nominal heat output: 224.5 Gcal/h
Main fuel: coal from Okino-Clyuchevsky field and Gusinoozyorsky mine
Start-up fuel: fuel oil
Start of operation: December 22, 1976

Managing Director of the Gusinoozerskaya TPP:


Born: 1969


Novosibirsk Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk State Architecture and Construction Academy, E. ON Russia Academy at Moscow State University.

Professional Experience:

February 2016 — now: Managing Director of the Gusinoozerskaya State District Power Plant.

2014 −2016: deputy CEO of ZAO Energomash (Chekhov) — CHZEM.

2008 −2014: deputy CEO for procurement and general affairs of the Berezovskaya State District Power Plant-1 branch of OAO E.ON. Russia.

2002 — 2008: head of procurement at the Berezovskaya State District Power Plant-1 branch of OAO E.ON. Russia.

1993 — 2002: mechanic, general power plant equipment repairs supervisor, deputy head of the fuel feeding equipment repairs and operation at OAO Berezovskaya State District Power Plant-1.


2018: Letter of thanks from AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants

Gusinoozyorskaya TPP is the largest condenser power plant in Zabaikalye and one of the largest businesses in the Republic of Buryatia. Gusinoozyorskaya TPP generated over 160 billion kWh of electricity since its launch. It provides electricity to Buryatia and nearby regions, and heats the city of Gusinoozyorsk with a population of 24 thousand. The power plant generates approximately 4.5 million kWh of electricity per year. Heat output: approx. 300 thousand Gcal.

The first four power generation units within the first phase were commissioned between 1976 and 1979. The second phase started operation in 1988 with the launch of power generation unit 5. Unit 6 was launched in 1992. Unit 2 was overhauled between 1993 and 1996. Unit 4 with a capacity of 210 MW was launched in the end of October, 2013 after overhaul and upgrade.

Technical re-equipment and reconstruction is planned for the next few years to reduce production costs and increase power generation.

The power plant has been the largest employer in Gusinoozyorsk since late 90s.

Located in the south of Eastern Siberia, southeast of Lake Baikal, Republic of Buryatia is a part of Siberian Federal District. Its capital, business and cultural center is Ulan-Ude. Republic of Buryatia has a population of approximately 970 thousand residents, with approximately 60% ratio of urban population. The largest businesses in Buryatia represent mining and other primary industries. Energy industry is the largest due to abundance of natural resources and harsh continental climate. According to expert reviews, Buryatia is a top 20 Russian region by natural resources and a top 5 region by attractiveness for foreign investments.