Ivanovskiye Co-generation Power Plants

Location: Komsomolsk, Ivanovo Region
Installed power generation capacity: 325 MW
Nominal heat output: 79 Gcal/h
Main and backup fuel: natural gas
Emergency fuel: diesel
Start of operation: May 20, 2008

Head of the Ivanovskiye CPP branch of AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants:


Born: 1973


Tomsk National Polytechnic Research University(Tomsk)

Professional Experience:

May 2016- now: Head of the Ivanovskoye PGU branchof AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants

2015 — 2016: Head of the D. Zhimerin Cherepetskaya State District Power Plant branch of AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants.

2013 — 2015: Managing Director of the Dnieper CHP (Ukraine)

2011 — 2011: Deputy Chief engineer and Head of the station generation service of OOO Mechel-Energo

2007 — 2011: Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Toplofication Ruse (Bulgaria).

1995 — 2007: made a career from rank and file boiler equipment inspector to head of sales at OAO South-Kuzbass State District Power Plant


1998: Letter of thanks from OAO South-Kuzbass State District Power Plant.

2003: Letter of thanks from OAO Kuzbassenergo.

2004 and 2005: Letters of thanks from OAO Kuzbassenergo.

2006: Commendation from OAO Kuzbassenergo.

2018: Letter of thanks from AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants.

Ivanovskiye CPP is one of the first steam-gas power plants in Russia. Ivanovskiye CPP is one of the first steam-gas power plants in Russia. It uses two PGU-325 generation unites with total capacity of 650 MW and was constructed as a part of the Federal Fuel and Energy Program. The project is unique in that it encompasses the creation and refinement of the first high-power Russian gas turbine - GTD-110.

Construction of Ivanovskiye CPP started in 2005 at the industrial site of Ivanovskaya TPP. The first PGU-325 unit was launched in May, 2008. The second PGU-325 unit was launched in June, 2012. Since 2013, the installed capacity of the station has been 325 MW (unit 2 is in operation, unit 1 has been placed in storage)

Located in the center of European Russia, Ivanovo Region is a part of Central Federal District. Its population is approximately 1 million people with approximately 80% urban population. The major industries of Ivanovo Region are light industries, machinery, food industry and metalworking. Despite significant share of electric power industry in the regional economy, this region is a net consumer of electricity receiving electric power from neighbor regions. Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the region. Ivanovo Region is a part of Golden Ring of Russia.


Summary of the special assessment of working conditions

Action plan to improve working conditions under the Special Assessment of Working Conditions