Kashirskaya Thermal Power Plant

Location: Kashira, Moscow Oblast
Installed power generation capacity: 1 910 MW
Nominal heat output: 458 Gcal/h
Main fuel: coal, natural gas
Backup fuel: fuel oil
Start of operation: June 4, 1922
Director: Oleg Aleksandrovich Savelyev

Kashirskaya Gleb Krzhizhanovsky TPP is the oldest and the largest industrial enterprise in Kashira District of Moscow Oblast. The power plan has been regularly upgrading its equipment and improving productivity since its original launch. Simultaneously with the launch of Kashira-Moscow TPP in 1922, an overhead transmission line connecting Kashira and Moscow was commissioned. It was the nation’s first 110 kV transmission line. Kashirskaya TPP developed a new brown coal firing technology that secured its nationwide leadership by reliability and efficiency.

Kashirskaya TPP performed a major upgrade and replaced its core equipment in the 60s. This upgrade included installation of a 10 MW gas turbine, pilot launch of SKR-100 power generation unit, and installation of three 300 MW coal dust power plants. Three 300 MW gas and fuel oil units were added to the power plant the 70s, and Heat Generator 7 rated at 80 MW was installed in 1983. The third power generation unit was shut down for upgrades in 2005 and relaunched in 2009. Kashirskaya TPP is a leading energy enterprise in Moscow Oblast at the moment

The social responsibility area of Kashirskaya TPP includes Kashira-2 district with a population of 25 thousand. The power plant provides electricity, heating and hot water to these people. Kashirskaya TPP contributes 25% of city’s annual tax revenues.

Moscow Oblast is a part of the Central Federal District of Russia. It has a population of approximately 6.6 million (approximately 4% of Russian population) with urban population ratio of 80%. Moscow Oblast is one of the fastest-developing regions of Russia. The majority of transportation routes connecting Russian regions with Moscow and with other countries traverse through Moscow Oblast. Moscow Oblast enjoys moderate continental climate with distinct seasons beneficial for agriculture. Moscow Energy System is a part of Central Unified Energy System and serves consumers in Moscow and Moscow oblast.