Pechorskaya Thermal Power Plant

Location: Pechora, Komi Republic
Installed power generation capacity: 1 060 MW
Nominal heat output: 327 Gcal/h
Main fuel: associated and natural gas
Backup fuel: fuel oil
Start of operation: February 5, 1979
Director: Andrey Faimovich Izmaylov

Pechorskaya TPP is a major electricity generator. It produces approximately 40% of all electricity in the region.

Construction of this thermal power plant began in January, 1974. Five power generation units, including three 210 MW units and two 215 MW units, were launched between February, 1979, and June, 1991.

Located in the Extreme North, this power plant provides energy to industrial, social and residential consumers in extreme climate conditions. The largest consumers of electricity from Pechorskaya TPP are oil, gas, coal, wood and transportation companies.

In autumn and winter, Pechorskaya TPP runs at no more than 50% load, generating approximately 3.5 billion kWh of electricity per year. Construction of the second 220 kV transmission line between Pechorskaya TPP, Ukhta and Mikun is scheduled for completion in 2014. This line will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply to Central and Southern Energy Exchanges of Komi Republic and Kotlas Energy Hub in Arkhangelsk Oblast, and also increase power output from Pechorskaya TPP.

Located west of Ural Mountains, Komi Republic is a part of Northwestern Federal District. Its capital is Syktyvkar. Komi Republic has a population of 890 thousand people, with urban population rate of 77%. Its economy is primarily focused on mining, processing and transportation of energy resources (mainly oil, gas and coal), forestry, wood industry and papermaking. The majority of its territory is exposed to moderate continental climate with long winters and short cool summers, promoting energy self-sufficiency.