Sochinskaya Thermal Power Plant

Location: Sochi, Krasnodar Territory
Installed power generation capacity: 160,5 MW
Nominal heat output: 25 Gcal/h
Main and backup fuel: natural gas
Emergency fuel: diesel
Start of operation: December 20, 2004

Head of the Sochinskaya TPP branch of AO Inter Electric Power Plants:


Born: 1978


South-Urals State University (Chelyabinsk)

Professional Experience:

June 2016 — now: Head of the Sochi CHP branch of AO Inter Electric Power Plants.

2013 — 2016: Chief technical officer of Chelyabisnk CHP-3 OAO Fortum.

2012 — 2013: Chief engineer of Chelyabinsk CHP-1 OAO Fortum

2010 — 2012: Deputy Chief technical officer for the Urals regions for operation and optimization in the Urals region Directorate of OAO Fortum

2008 — 2010: Lead specialist with the production optimization at the production optimization directorate for the Chelyabinsk region at OAO Fortum.

2007 — 2008: Power plant shift supervisor at OOO Reksam.

2003 — 2007: Shift supervisor of the electrical equipment shift and shift supervisor at Chelyabinsk CHP-3 OAO TGK-10

2001 — 2003: class 6 power plant equipment maintenance electrician at Chelyabisnk CHP-3.


2012: a recognition award from OAO Fortum for reducing costs and boosting efficiency at Chelyabisnk CHP-1.

2015: Badge of Honor from OAO Fortum for a contribution to the energy sector.

Sochinskaya TPP was designed and built with consideration for its geographic location and environmental conditions, Sochi Development Program, and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games Preparation Program. This power plant is one the most modern power generation facilities in Russian electric power sector. Sochinskaya TPP uses some of the latest and most environmentally friendly technologies, and is one of the most efficient power plants in Russia.

When the first phase of Sochinskaya TPP was launched in December, 2004, Federal Energy Commission of the Russian Federation included it in the list of the most important capital construction projects in the energy industry. Sochinskaya TPP uses the latest steam-gas technology with heat-recovery steam generators used to generate heat from turbine exhaust gas. It is a combined plant delivering heat and electricity. This project features seismic design and meets strict environmental requirements of a resort area.

The first phase included two 78 MW steam-gas generation units launched simultaneously in December, 2004. The second phase of Sochinskaya TPP includes Unit 3 rated at 80 MW and launched on December 5, 2009. Heat pipeline to Sochi became operational in 2010.

Krasnodar Region is a part of Southern Federal District and one of the largest regions of the Russian Federation. It has 38 administrative districts, and its capital is Krasnodar. Krasnodar Region has a population over 5 million people with urban population ratio of 53%. With unique geographic locations and climate, this region is the largest resort destination in Russia. Krasnodar Region is a major agricultural region with strong machinery, metalworking, chemical, food and light industries. Despite a significant share of heat and energy industries (approximately 13%), this region is a net recipient of energy. At the same time, its excellent resource base warrants an excellent development opportunity for the energy industry.