Declaration of JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants Industrial Safety Policy


- Ensure reliable and safe operation of dangerous facilities to minimize risk of accidents

- Prevent breakdowns, fires and misuse of technology equipment, buildings and structures

- Ensure that company management, employees and emergency response teams are ready to contain and manage possible breakdowns, fires or emergencies

- Improve the efficiency of industrial controls and corporate and internal audits validating the compliance of our facilities with applicable industrial safety, occupational safety and environmental protection laws and regulations

- Prevent workplace injuries among our employees

- Develop and enforce a unified standard of excellence in industrial, occupational, fire and environmental safety


- We maintain compliance with federal laws of the Russian Federation, resolutions of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as federal codes and regulations applicable to industrial and occupational safety.

- We identify, analyze and forecast breakdown risks of dangerous facilities and dangers associated with such breakdowns.

- We plan and undertake risk management activities to reduce risks of breakdowns at our dangerous facilities.

- We keep our facilities in appropriate condition to contain and manage breakdowns, fires, natural and man-made disasters, and their consequences.

- We use layered industrial controls ensuring occupational safety, industrial safety of dangerous facilities, as well as fire and environmental safety.

- We identify and eliminate dangerous and hazardous workplace conditions, and develop accident prevention programs.

- We create safe and healthy workplaces using state-of-the-art safety features that prevent workplace injuries and promote adequate workplace hygiene.

- We deliver on our obligations to our employees as prescribed by applicable laws, and collective bargaining and labor agreements.

- We train our employees on occupational safety, proper operation of our facilities (including dangerous facilities), fire and environmental safety, as well as emergency response and management.

- We arrange workplace contests, workshops and conferences on workplace safety, industrial safety of dangerous facilities, as well as fire and environmental safety.

- We consistently involve our employees in occupational and industrial safety initiatives, and motivate them to participate in these initiatives.

- We continuously improve our occupational and industrial safety management systems.

- We review, adjust and improve our occupational and industrial policy as needed.

- We deploy new scientific products, technologies and practices in the management of occupational and workplace safety.

- We regularly inform all stakeholders (including but not limited to general public and government authorities) about our occupational, industrial, fire and environmental safety performance, and about our emergency prevention and readiness.