Our mission is to support sustainable economic development and quality of life in all our regions through reliable power delivery, meeting the growing demand for electricity, and use of innovative energy efficiency and conservation technologies and solutions.

We are committed to becoming the most efficient, reliable and safe power generator in Russia by 2020.

Strategic Objectives
Creating conditions for ensuring reliability and energy security of production assets operation, and energy security of population
Business value growth
Ensuring leadership among Russian power companies in terms of efficiency of energy assets management with the focus on introducing innovations and increasing energy efficiency
Key Vectors of Development


— We are reinforcing our presence in the regional sectors of the Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM)

— We are improving the efficiency of our trading operations on WEM and in general

— We are committed to meeting our financial and economic objectives

Fuel Sufficiency and Procurement

— We secure reliable and timely supply of fuel meeting our quality standards at a price point supporting high efficiency of power generation and sales

Human Resources

— We attract and engage highly skilled technical experts at our generation facilities

— We offer training and development opportunities to our employees

— We improve the efficiency of our executive team

— We build state-of-the-art facilities relying on modern technologies to reduce costs

Energy Efficiency

— We optimize operation of our equipment and ensure its timely retirement

— We use lean management principles to reduce our costs and improve efficiencies

— We build state-of-the-art facilities relying on modern technologies to reduce costs

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

— We find the most reasonable and efficient ways to maintain our power generation equipment

— We unify and synchronize business processes related to MRO operations

— We implement a long-term planning and cost management system

— We improve the quality of equipment maintenance

— We optimize MRO costs

— We design a maintenance system for new equipment (gas turbines and steam-gas units);

— We improve reliability and efficiency of our equipment while maintaining ideal MRO costs, and we automate MRO operations management