JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants Receives the Autumn/Winter Season Readiness Certificate for 2020-2021

JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants received the readiness certificate for the 2020-2021 autumnф/winter season. The document confirms the readiness of the Company's power plants for reliable supply of electricity and heat to customers during the seasonal peak.

During preparation for the autumn/winter season, the condition of all pieces of equipment at the power plants was checked; scheduled repairs were completed; the required fuel supply was provided; fire and emergency drill, and emergency drill involving the threat of disruption to power supply in low temperature of ambient air was conducted. Targets for fuel stockpiles at all power plants have been set above the levels prescribed by the Russian Ministry of Energy.

As at November 20, 2020, as a part of the maintenance routine the Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants and JSC Nizhnevartovskaya SDPP completed 46 repairs of power units (total power generation capacity of 16 365 MW), 39 repairs of turbo generators (total power generation capacity of 4 105 MW), and 26 repairs of boiler units (total steam generating capacity of 5 892 t/h). As part of the program to improve the reliability of generators, the generator rotor was replaced at power unit No. 1 of the Permskaya SDPP. The automated control system of CCGT-2 at the Sochinskaya TPP is being upgraded; this involves a transition to an automated control system developed and produced entirely in Russia.

The Russian Ministry of Energy determines the level of readiness for the heating season depending on compliance with the index of readiness for operation during the heating season. The index of readiness is calculated for a power plant based on the data on meeting certain groups of conditions (heat generation and supply, system reliability, technical condition, fuel supply, etc.)