70th anniversary of Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP

Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP celebrates its anniversary. The power plant was commissioned exactly 70 years ago, on April 28, 1952. It is one of the country’s first thermal power plants with design capacity of 1000 MW. Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP was equipped with domestically produced high-pressure steam machinery. Equipment of this type was rare in the Urals and Siberia in the middle of the last century. In 1952, when Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP was built, the Chelyabinsk Region needed a strong standalone power plant that would assume full responsibility for reliable and uninterrupted power and heat supply to the region. The power plant team is still doing an excellent job of it. The power plant eventually became a backbone enterprise of the town and gave the town its name. Thanks to the power plant, a number of industrial enterprises of nationwide scale, as well as the necessary social infrastructure were built in Yuzhnouralsk. In 1966, the city was connected to the Bukhara-Ural gas pipeline. Both the power plant and the residential sector became able to receive gas supplies. Today Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP provides electricity to cities in the South Urals area and provides heat to industrial enterprises and residents of Yuzhnouralsk.

Alexandr Koreshev, CEO of Inter RAO - Management of Electric Power Plants, congratulated the plant’s staff on the anniversary. He noted the long-standing contribution of South Urals residents to the development of the Russian power industry and thanked them for their diligent work. “I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to each employee of the station for their professionalism and commitment. I would also like to give special thanks to the veterans! And to address the young, so that the work of our predecessors lives on and retains respect. I wish all the employees of Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP branch and your relatives good health and well-being!”, said Alexandr Koreshev.

Today Yuzhnouralskaya SDPP ranks first among seven power plants in the Chelyabinsk Region in terms of installed capacity and electricity generation volume (over 6.5 billion kWh) per year – more than 30% share of the regional market.