Inter RAO – Electric Power Plants presents its experience in implementing a continuous audit project at the National Conference “Internal Audit in Russia”

The Institute of Internal Auditors held its XIV National Conference “Internal Audit in Russia” in Moscow. The forum featured the largest Russian companies. Participants discussed the role and new tasks of internal audit in the current environment and other relevant professional topics.


During the conference, Lyudmila Diordieva, Director for Internal Audit at Inter RAO – Management of Electric Power Plants, spoke about the new practice of continuous audits at the company. The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between detecting the problem (by inspectors) and fixing it. Owing to the Company having implemented projects such as AIS TORO, AIS Mobile Inspector, SSPRTI, AIS EISZ, auditors and the management can track information about the functioning of processes (to participate in continuous monitoring of processes) online, and prepare in-depth diagnostics using audit best practices and tools. This means they can promptly identify problems and fix them.

“Continuous audit of repair activities has already been implemented this year. In the future, we plan to introduce a continuous audit mechanism for the IT process, investment activities,” said Lyudmila Diordieva, also noting that the project was made possible due to the high level of business processes automation in the company.