Iriklinskaya SDPP

Energetik, Novoorsk District, Orenburg Region
Commissioned in:
November 7, 1970
Installed power
generation capacity:
2 452,5 MW
Installed heat
120 Gcal/h
Main fuel:
natural gas
Reserve fuel:
fuel oil

Governmental resolution to build Iriklinskaya SDPP was adopted on June 8, 1962. The first 300 MW power generation unit was launched in November, 1970. The second power generation unit was launched in December of that same year. After the remaining four units were launched between 1971 and 1974, the first 1800 MW stage of Iriklinskaya SDPP was fully commissioned in 1975. Unit 7 was launched in December 1978, and on November 17, 1979, SDPP expansion program was completed with the launch of Unit 8.

Iriklinskaya SDPP is the most high-output power plant in The Southern Urals. The station is composed of 26 units, among them are 7 power islands with a capacity of 300 MW each and 1 power island with a capacity of 330 MW (after the upgrade of the second power island the capacity has been increased up to 330 MW) and a hydro power plant with a capacity of 22,5 MW.

The hydro power plant located 20 km away from the SDPP was built in 1958 together with Iriklinskoye Reservoir for flood control of Ural River. Electricity from Iriklinskaya SDPP is used in Orenburg Region, Chelyabinsk Region and Republic of Bashkortostan. Some electricity is also exported to Kazakhstan.

Orenburg Region

Orenburg Region is a part of Volga Federal District and Ural Economic Region. It has a population over 2 million. Fuel, chemical, petrochemical and food industries are the largest contributors to region economy. Orenburg Region has several large oil and gas fields and ore deposits, and metallurgy represents 30% of the regional industrial production. Many enterprises in these industries are the largest employers in their cities. Despite continental climate, Orenburg Region has well-developed agricultural industry.

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