Primorskaya TPP

Vzmorye settlement
Commissioned in:
December, 2020
Installed power
generation capacity:
194.97 MW
Installed heat
Heat production is not provided for
Main fuel:
Backup fuel:
fuel oil
Reserve fuel:

The power plant comprises three steam-power units, each of them including a power-generating boiler and a steam turbine. Core equipment installed at the power plant was made in Russia: three steam turbines, type К-65-13 manufactured by JSC The Ural Turbine Works; three turbogenerators TF-65-2UHL4 manufactured by SPA ELSIB PJSC; three steam boilers E-240-13,8-560KT manufactured by JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk.

The Primorskaya Thermal Power Plant is a reserve source of power.

Kaliningrad Region

Kaliningrad Region is the westernmost federal subject of the Russian Federation and a part of Northwestern Federal District. Kaliningrad has a population of 1 million 18 thousand people; of those 78% are urban population. The capital of Kaliningrad Region is Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad Region has extensive transportation infrastructure with ramified rail, road and waterway networks as well as Russia-Belarus-Poland gas pipeline. Its largest industries are shipbuilding, metallurgy, metalworking, wood production, papermaking, oil, and amber extraction.

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