Peter Gumenuk

Head of the Severo-Zapadnaya TPP branch of JSC Inter RAO — Electric Power Plants

Born: 1963


Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic Institute.

Professional Experience:

September 2012–now: Head of the North-Western CHP branch of AO Inter RAO Electric Power Plants.

2009–2012: worked in OAO OGK-2 subsidiaries and engineering companies.

2008–2009: chief engineer at OAO Irkutskenergo’s CHP-10.

1985–2008: went from on-duty mechanic in the boiler room to head of the boiler and turbine shop at Berezovskaya State District Power Plant 1 (Krasnoyarsk territory).


1999: Commendation diploma from the Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

2001: Commendation diploma from RAU UES of Russia.

2004: honored employee of UES of Russia.

2013: Commendation diploma from OAO Inter RAO UES.

2013: Letter of thanks from a member of the management board of OAO INTER RAO UES.

2014: Letter of thanks from the chair of the management board of OAO INTER RAO UES.

2016: Honored Power Engineer.

2018: Commemoration badge from the Security Department of the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

2019: Letter of Commendation from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.