Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP

Sverdlovsk Region, Verkhny Tagil
Commissioned in:
May 29, 1956
Installed power
generation capacity:
1062,15 MW
Installed heat
240 Gcal/h
Main fuel:
natural gas
Reserve fuel:
fuel oil

Located in the center of the Middle Urals energy system, the Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP is one of the main suppliers of electricity in the Sverdlovsk Region.

The construction of the Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP began in 1951. The first power generating unit was launched in May 1956. Phases I-III were launched between 1956 and 1959, while phases IV and V were commissioned in 1960–1961 and 1962–1964 respectively. In 1964 the plant reached its project capacity of 1,600 MW. To improve heat supply to Verkhny Tagil and Novouralsk, four condensing turbines were upgraded and converted into cogeneration turbines.

In 2016, construction and commissioning of the new PGU-420 MW combined cycle gas turbine were completed. In 2021 the power plant will mark the 65th anniversary of the launch of its first power unit.

Initially, the plant was intended to supply electricity to the Urals Integrated Electrochemical Plant (Novouralsk). However, at present, the generated power is mainly distributed in the grids of the Sverdlovsk Region. The power plant produces about 7 billion kWh annually, and supplies heat to Verkhny Tagil.

The Vogulskaya HPP is operated from May through September. Its average output is 1.76 million kWh, and this amount of power is completely used for covering the plant's own needs.

From the launch of the plant's first unit through December 2019, Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP generated 517.9 billion kWh of electricity.

A medium-term technical re-equipment and renovation program for the period from 2019-2024 has been developed at the plant. Priority areas include measures proposed in the sphere of environmental protection. Specialists of the Verkhnetagilskaya SDPP are aiming at reducing emissions and industrial waste.

Sverdlovsk Region

Sverdlovsk Region is the largest region in Urals Federal District. Its capital is Yekaterinburg. With a population of 4.3 million, it is the 5th most populous region in Russia. Sverdlovsk Region is one of the fastest-developing regions with large industrial enterprises, plenty of natural resources and strong academic potential. Its industry concentration is four times higher than national average. The strongest industries in the region are metallurgy and industrial machinery. Sverdlovsk Region has some of the richest reserves of natural resources. Strong industrial base and environmental conditions such as continental climate promote the development of heat and electric power industries.

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